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We are Specialist in the Art of Preparing and Serve the best meat.

More than 12 cuts of the most succulent, tender and delicious Beef, Chicken, Pork and Lamb.

Meat Cuts
The Alcatra (Top Sirloin) Cut is one of the most versatile cuts for the barbecue. You can either roast it whole or remove it from the Picanha, Maminha and Baby Beef (Alcatra center cut). Because it has little fat, the ideal is to bake it in large pieces and at high temperature. This guarantees its softness and juiciness.
Spicy, Garlic or Traditional, it is Brazil’s national meat cut preference, the Picanha is a soft and good marbling meat, which also features a thick layer of fat that provides juiciness and enhances its flavor.
The piece, which can be from 1 to 1,5 kilo and is part of the Alcatra, can be cut in several ways: Strip Steak, removed from the center of the piece and cut lengthwise into thick strips; the Noble Picanha, extracted from the smaller end of the piece; the Ball Picanha, removed from the upper end of the piece and cut diagonally against the fibers, and the Picanha Baby, removed from the side of the piece in cuts with 2 cm approximately.
Filet Mignon
Filet Mignon  (Beef Tenderloin) is an extremely soft meat since it has no contact with the animal limbs. Filet Mignon is also known to be one of the leanest meats and, despite the low fat and marbling, has good irrigation making it a very succulent meat. From its part closer to the bone comes the Bone-in filet, a cut of the Filet Mignon with bone and very tasty.
Fraldinha (Bottom Sirloin) is considered the most succulent and one of the tastiest among all meats, as it is the only one that is in the internal part of the animal, being constantly irrigated by the bloodstream.
Rib Eye
This tasty and juicy cut with bone of American origin also called Beef Ancho, is very similar to Ancho Steak, since it belongs to the same region, but has the advantage of bringing together in the same cut the marbling and the fat interspersed in the fibers, besides the flavor special that the bone imparts to the meat.
Bacon-Wrapped Steak
Lightly seasoned with rock salt, our Steak is then wrapped in hardwood-smoked bacon.
Beef Ribs
In the 5 hours that it takes to cook the beef ribs, we can’t help but fantasize about dinner!
Checken, Pork and Lamb
One of the meat most consumed by Brazilians, the chicken is also one of the most versatile. Here at VB Steakhouse, we serve the best beacon-wrapped and charcoal grilled chicken.
Bacon-Wrapped Chicken
Lightly seasoned with rock salt, our Steak is then wrapped in hardwood-smoked bacon.
A soft meat, rich in flavor, It conquers more and more lovers around the world, and is known for its taste and low fat. From the lamb comes the famous Lamb Chops, its most noble cut and which, in the VB Steakhouse, has in the simplicity of the coarse salt the secret of its preparation.
Pork Ribs
Of characteristic flavor and softness, pork is now one of the most consumed in the world. Among the most used parts are the loin, the rib and the steak, that can gain a special touch with remarkable seasonings.
Pork Sausage
Crisp outside and soft inside, sausage pork is flavorful in every bite.
Salad Bar, Side Dishes and Desserts
Salad Bar
VB Steakhouse Salad Buffet is one of our great differentials. Tasty and always fresh, it is presented with extraordinary variety and surprises the most demanding customers.

We offer selected vegetables, premium preserves, cold cuts, and exclusive sauces accompanying the stars of the house. It is a great choice for those who are vegetarian or prefer lighter meals.

Side Dishes
Warm, soft cheesy bread rolls are served throughout the entire meal.  Made with sweet and sour Yuca Flour and Parmesan cheese, these rolls are naturally gluten-free.
Brought to Southern Brazil by Italian immigrants, Polenta is made from corn meal and is a staple in Brazilian kitchens.
One of the most popular dessert in Brazil, fresh papaya is blended with vanilla ice cream and topped with a black currant liqueur.
PUDIM DE LEITE (Brazilian Flan)
Our homemade Brazilian Flan recipe makes this classic remarkable. Experience a Flan like never before.
A twist on american staple dessert, vanilla cheesecake fire caramelized.

Cream Brûlée